Ashryn Amora
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Basic information
Silence is better than bullshit.
Entitlement Ashryn Amora
Other Callings Ash|Ryn
Age Adolescent

Romantic Status Unclaimed
Allegiance Arcane Syndicate
Occupation Consigliere

Species Primal Alpha Furyan
HeightRoughly 3 feet
WeightAbout 100 pounds
Build Slender but very toned

"May the fire of hell burn you to fucking ashes."
50% Apathetic
50% Passive
50% Hostile
50% Tenacious
50% Salt
☪ Known features
While she may seem apathetic or very detached, she is genuinely sympathetic to those who have gain her respect and adoration but to those who hold no importance to her.. They mean absolutely nothing and her callous or inaccessible nature would reveal to those who would attempt to communicate with her; that being said she despises those who are cynical. While she may give respect to most, she holds her self with much grace and apparent independence although once a companion is made; she is inseparable. As stated previously, she is incredibly analytical and intelligent with most things unless common knowledge is used instead.
Immense composure
"Beauty itself is power."

☪ Physical Structure
The physical limits according to her profoundly different body are different from most canines as they are more athletically inclined or better yet, all muscle with no brains. While her strength is not comparable to other canines, her agility and perception are benefactors of hers. Her very thin structure allows her body quicker movement and a larger range of speed while her stamina is not on the same level of her agility but still able to keep her moving for long periods of time, she can with ease bring down opponents much larger than her

"There is no fear within me."
It is unknown of how she came to be but she knows of who and what she is, her primal age is clear in her blood but she is not alone as she intends to continue her blood and soon her future will unfold.

4.15.17 Reunited with Mutt.
4.17.17 Joins Red Room as Court Physician.
4.21.17 Views change among those who call themselves leaders.
5.6.17 Continues under Aconite throughout changes.
5.24.17 No longer finds her suit within Hunden auf Ketten.
6.19.17 She brings forth Arcane Syndicate with Corzile.

Fuck with them and let us see if anyone can find your corpse.
Corzile -I truly cherish you, no matter what happens and nothing will change that. There are no words that I can say to explain how much I really adore you but regardless will be here until the absolute end, let's wreck this shit.

Romulus -While I do not know you, I would like to become closer acquainted. Join Corzile and I sometime, it'll be quite the show.

Vexxyr -Although we do not speak, I find your presence suitable and to wish to be closer.

Spook -There is more than meets the eye.

Aconite -Repulsive.

Scream for help
and watch no one come.